UK foundries, casters and mould makers

Milwyn Casting | Fine art bronze casting foundry and sculpture studio |
LS Sculpture Casting | Resin moulding, casting and finishing |
Plenderleith Scantlebury | Specialist fabrication, mould-making and casting |

US foundries, casters and mould makers

Beacon Fine Art Foundry | Fine art foundry |
Elliot Gantz | Fine Art Bronze Sculpture Casting Foundry |
Polich Tallix | Fine art foundry |
Fiona Westphal / James Glass Studio | Glass, stone, metal, gilding, mould making |


Fernando Milani | New York, US |
Jonathan Birch | London, UK |

A tribute to my father

Roy Carter (April 1938 – August 2012) | a rich and artistic life ended too soon |