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Bob Chaundy, Considering Art Podcast | 12 Dec 2022

“In the latest of my series of audio interviews with contemporary artists, sculptor Beth Carter talks about the symbolic significance of her bronze sculptures of animals and hybrid animals, how the minotaur became an obsessive subject of her work as she explores ideas of power, vulnerability, and grief, how the theme of duality in her sculptures references part of the human condition, and how one particular charcoal drawing became a way to help process a dark incident in her past”.

Solo exhibition at Beaux Arts Bath | 10 Jul to 28 Aug 2021

Short film produced by Michael and Oliver Pitts. Beth discusses the inspiration and symbolism behind her sculptures- why she makes minotaurs, why she uses masks and fragments in her work, and how she tries to reconcile darkness and light.

Art in Doom | Group Exhibition | Jonathan Ferrara Gallery | New Orleans | 29 February – 11 April 2020

Magical Realism | Group Exhibition | Hugo Galerie | New York | 6 October – 4 November 2018

Between the Ancients and Me | Solo exhibition | Hugo Galerie | New York | 22 Oct-13 Nov 2016

Burnout and pour | Minotaur and Bird, bronze (private commission) | 2015

Applying patina | Minotaur and Bird, bronze (private commission) | 2015

Dessins de sculpteurs | Galerie Rauchfeld Paris | 19 March 2015

Time-lapse drawing | Minotaur and Bird, charcoal and pastel on paper | 2013

Dancing with Morpheus | Axelle Galerie New York | 2nd November 2013 


Innomind: Artist Spotlight | The National Arts Club, New York | January 2013