View Art Gallery, Summer Salon, 11 Jul – 25 Aug


“We love the Summer. Every year in July and August we experiment with our curating and for the only exhibition of the year we are themeless. The Summer Salon exhibitions give us the opportunity to try out new artists, new work, new styles, and keep it fast moving. Unlike other exhibitions, if a piece sells then we remove it straight away and replace it with something new. Similarly, we may just decide to randomly introduce new work or another artist. Sometimes this is a straight swap and sometimes it means we end up moving things about and re-hanging the whole show. Playtime for the curators! … So far, Summer Salon 2013 promises to be full of bright colours and high impact aesthetic quality underpinned by layers of ‘thought’. But of course that may change after the first week!”
Please visit the gallery website for more information.


BDG New York, Summer Collective Part 1, 11 Jul-17 Aug


“Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is excited to announce our Summer Collective Show featuring works by Elizabeth Allison, Stéphane Erouane Dumas, Federico Infante, Mark Knoerzer and Beth Carter … BDG will present sculptures by Beth Carter throughout the gallery. Her bronze and resin pieces, heavily inspired by mythology, have been consistently successful and well received.”

Gallery closed – website no longer available.


bo.lee gallery inaugural London show, Saudade, 12-27 July

For their inaugural London show, bo.lee gallery bring together a selection of gallery and guest artists to create a show that examines the anatomy of nostalgia. “The inner self is brought to the fore for examination as layers of childhood, religion and fable are stripped back to reveal a faded glory with a rose-tinted hue. A potent amalgamation of emotions is adroitly blended in painting, sculpture and photography to inspire the viewer to seek out that which is missing, experience the absence and then to live again.”

bo.lee gallery are now based in London, N1 and viewings are by appointment only. To arrange a viewing please contact Jemma Hickman at