bo.lee gallery ‘Lucid’, Clerkenwell Gallery, 4 – 14 Sep

“bo.lee gallery considers a fleeting moment between dreaming and waking where reality is suspended between the conscious and the unconscious and sensation is lost to the mind’s perception. Abstracted musings give way to darker forces that threaten to immerse us in unwanted memories; we rally between the dark and light to establish equilibrium and find ourselves doubting that which we know to be true.

Sarah Ball, Beth Carter, Tom Chambers, Patrick Haines, Allan Martin, Anouk Mercier, Gill Rocca, Jane Smith, Erik Sommer, Rachel Ann Stevenson and Sue Williams A’Court come together to examine a dream-like state consumed by fragmented memories. The surreal and the real jostle for pre-eminence as allegory, identity, faith and perception are brought into question and their contrasting sense of self is revealed. Paintings, photography, illustration and sculpture expose a luminous realm that we all must cross…”

Clerkenwell Gallery
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP
4-14 September 2013 (open 12pm-5pm or by appointment)

See the gallery website for more information