Axelle Fine Arts: Summer 2015 Group Shows

Axelle Boston Summer Group Show

Axelle Galerie Soho:

1 July – 13 September 2015

Axelle Fine Arts Galerie Soho, New York, Summer Group Show runs through 13 September featuring a rotating selection of works from their roster of international figurative artists. Currently on view are Beth Carter, Patrick Pietropoli, Albert Hadjiganev, Ġoxwa, Quentin Garel, François Anton, Julia Levitina and Benoît Trimborn.

Axelle Galerie Boston:

3 July – 7 October 2015

Axelle Fine Arts Galerie Boston are also currently presenting their Summer Group Show at their new location at 173 Newbury Street. The exhibition features a provocative collection of artists and sculptors from their current roster. Currently on view are pieces by Beth Carter, Yves Crenn, Fabienne Delacroix, Philippe Charles Jacquet, Albert Hadjiganev and Xavier Rodés.

Gallery closed – website no longer available.